Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting

Windows Web hosting is one of the two major types of hosting, viz. Windows hosting and Linux hosting, available on the Web. Each of these has its own advantages with Windows hosting offering:

·               A user interface that most computer users will have become familiar with

·               Innumerable applications that have been developed to work with the hugely popular Windows environment

·               Facilities like live chat and searchable databases, which might not be available for a Linux VPS environment

·               Dependable integration with Microsoft applications such as SharePoint that includes high-value tools for managing businesses

·               Support for MS SQL and Access databases; Access support is available only under Windows hosting and hence if you want to use it because you have become quite comfortable with this MS Office application, you will have to opt for Windows website hosting

·               Microsoft offers tools such as Visual Basic that makes application development much easier with a graphic interface and you need a Windows environment to use these

Because of the advantages mentioned above, Windows hosting has become a highly popular choice, particularly for enterprises that need proven enterprise class databases that are dependable (and searchable) and wish to use tools like SharePoint. Websites for a Windows environment are developed using ASP or ASP.Net scripting languages.

Windows Hosting

Windows Web Hosting offers four types of Windows Web hosting plans.

·               All the plans offer:

o             Unlimited bandwidth, i.e. you can upload and download an unlimited quantity of data

o             Advanced control panel making it easy to manage your website

o             Scripting language support not only for ASP and ASP.Net but also the popular PHP and Perl languages

o             Support for both Microsoft SQL and open source MySQL databases

o             24/7 UK based support

·               Starter package includes 1000 MB of server storage space, 50 email addresses (e.g., and one 50 MB database to store your data

·               Professional package comes with 2000 MB of web storage, 100 mailboxes (for assigning distinct email addresses to different departments and employees), two sub domains (capable of being promoted independently), one database of 50 MB and website visitor logs/ statistics maintenance facilities

·               Developer package has server storage up to 3000 MB, 200 email addresses, five sub domains, two separate databases of 50 MB each and visitor logs/statistics maintenance

·               Business package offers 5000 MB storage, 500 mailboxes, 10 sub domains, 5 databases of 100 MB each, a dedicated IP address, visitor logs/statistics and shared Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which helps you process online payments securely, for example

You will find at the Windows VPS page that the packages offer many other features to make your web hosting experience a superior one. For example, if you have chosen a hosting package with lower capabilities and need more capabilities as your business grows, you can instantly upgrade to a higher package.

Another major feature is one-click installation of applications like WordPress and Drupal. These popular blogging platforms will help your website promotion efforts by enabling the maintenance of a blog with little effort.

Web Hosting for Business and Communication

Web hosting gives you a website of your own, which is a must for businesses these days, even if the business is a local business. People go to the Web to find sellers of products and services they want to buy. They also compare the offers of different sellers on the Web.

Non-business people can communicate their views widely using the power of the Web. Unlike print media, you don’t need editorial acceptance to publish your pieces through a website. Even if you are opting to publish your views through a blog, you need a domain name of your own and website hosting services if you want to brand the blog with your unique identity.

Websites and Website Hosting

To create a website, you need:

·               A domain name that uniquely identifies your website among all the millions of others

·               Content that elaborates on your business and its offer, or non-business content that communicates what you want to communicate

·               Space on a computer connected to the Internet and running Web server software to upload and store your content

It is the last of these requirements that Web hosting caters to. Web hosts are companies that own computers connected to the Internet that run Web server software such as Apache or Microsoft IIS. You enter into a Web hosting contract with one of these companies and upload your content, after formatting it in HTML.

You can upload text, pictures, audio and video, presenting everything just the way you want. What this means is that you can create great shop fronts and other impressive presentations on the Web. And once you are able to get these in front of your target group, you are in business!

Web Hosting from UK Web Host

Website Hosting offers different web hosting packages to meet the differing needs and budgets of differing groups from beginners to businesses selling thousands of products.

Starter Web Hosting

·               1000 MB storage space on the Web to store all the materials you upload for your website

·               50 different email addresses so that you can assign individual addresses to different departments such as sales, accounting and customer support

·               One SQL database with up to 10 MB storage to store your product or customer details


Professional Web Hosting

·               With the professional package, you get double Web storage space (2000 MB) and email addresses (100)

·               Database storage goes up five times to 50 MB that you can use to store contact and follow up details of prospective customers, for example

·               You also get 2 sub domains under your main domain, which can expand your marketing options

Developer Web Hosting

·               You get 3000 MB Web storage space and 200 email addresses

·               Instead of a single database, you get two under this package each with 50 MB storage space

·               You also get five sub domains

Business Web Hosting

·               With 5000 MB Web storage, 500 email addresses and five separate databases of 100 MB each, you can store a great deal of business information on the Web

·               More significantly, you get Secure Socket Layer (SSL) processing capabilities to accept order and credit card details in a secure, encrypted environment to create confidence in the minds of your customers that the details they provide will not be seen by third parties

All these website hosting packages from your web hosting company tend to come with unlimited bandwidth, meaning that you can upload and download and unlimited quantity of data, 24/7 technical support (UK based) and scripting language support for both Linux and Windows.

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